Meet Sarah (she/they) Ferguson

I am a Los Angeles-based  full spectrum Birthworker. 

I draw on my hands-on work with birthing people to combat the soaring Black reproductive health disparities in our country.

My day-to-day interactions with birthing people are focused on creating spaces and care models dedicated to addressing all pregnancy outcomes.

My teachings  centers on abortions and pregnancy conclusions from an interdisciplinary and harm reductive framework. I received my BA in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley.


My Work

all bodies, all outcomes, all reasons

I work with Black, Indigenous, birthing People of Color in the Los Angeles.

I have partnered with various organizations, such as Frontline Doulas, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and Breastfeed LA to create participant- focused training workshops for African-American doulas, and create a resource guide of minority birthing practitioners, so everyone in underrepresented communities in the Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Alameda, and San Bernardino counties will have access to midwives and labor support professionals.

With the “All bodies, All outcomes, All reasons” motto, I take my mission further by creating an abortion support certification for student doulas desiring to deepen their work to know how to handle sensitive family situations during their careers.

Serving 100+ families as a birth doula, I have witnessed a plethora of birth outcomes supporting women during the unpredictable experience of birth. I have supported women during vaginal deliveries, premature births, inductions, planned Cesareans, and still births. During my work, I saw firsthand the racial disparities in top hospitals that fueled my desire to create Birthing the Block and build a legacy of change for the next generation of mothers.